Release Day for RUN!

At 13, a boy can run from lots of things, but he can’t always hide . . . My debut MG adventure novel, Run, released today and is up on Amazon! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen–I am truly blessed. You can find out more on my website at

RUN Social Media pic-ad

Cover Reveal

I’m excited!

The cover of my debut novel is now available for preview! The book publishing process is long, and it finally feels like the end is in sight knowing what the book will actually look like online and on store shelves. RUN, the first book of my INTENSE series, is one step closer to its release by Taegais Publishing LLC in October. Check it out!

RUN by Glenn Haggerty


We’ve Got a Cover

Thank you all for voting on a book cover design for my debut novel, RUN. The great feedback helped the publisher make a decision, and they are now tweaking that cover and the final version should be available next month. I will share as soon as I can! The target publication date is now October, but things are moving swiftly :-).

I’ve Got a Publisher!

Taegais Publishing LLC agreed to publish my middle school action adventure novel, RUN, with a target release date of this September! They’ve also agreed to publish the second and third books in the series, CHASE and HYDE! We’re finishing up the editing process and have begun the book cover selection. Working with Taegais has been awesome; they’re professional and responsive. And thank you to everyone who has helped and encouraged me along this journey. It wouldn’t have happened without you!

Publisher Interest

A small Indie publisher is seriously considering publishing my three middle school novels, RUN, CHASE, and HYDE. I’d appreciate your prayers for wisdom and direction. But I’m really excited!

Short Story Success

I just signed a contract with Splickety Publishing to include two of my adult short stories in their first Splickety Anthology! The book will be available in print and e-version through Amazon and others sometime in the fall of 2015. I am honored Splickety would include “Squint,” (Splickety Magazine 2013) and “Thoas and Sprinther” (Havok Magazine 2014). You can check out one of these 1000 word flash fiction stories on my website.

And the Winner Is…

First Impressions Finalist: Congratulations to Linda Truesdell for winning the 2014 First Impressions Short Novel category! Hopefully that recognition will help launch your book. There are so many excellent unpublished writers out there I am humbled to have been numbered with her and Kim Russell as one of the three finalists. Also a shout out to ACFW for sponsoring the contest and all those volunteers who made it possible.

Contest Season

Genesis Semifinalist: Writing contest time again, and a shout out to all those who give their time to make them happen :-). Thanks for the recognition. OBHG. And thanks to everyone for the congrats, and all those who have poured time into my writing. Can’t do much without you all.