A Team Effort

Writing is actually a team sport. Associations, editors, and agents are crucial, but joining a good critique group provided the greatest impact on my writing early on. Here’s a shout out to four authors from my ACFW critique group, all published novelists now. I’m thankful for the HUGE input they’ve had on my writing and for whatever if any help I was to theirs :-). Let me know if anyone is interested on more info on critique groups for writers. I’ll share what I know.

Melissa Jagears

Naomi Rawlings

Anne Greene

Diana Sharples

Agency Representation

A big milestone in most writers’ journey is finding an agent. That’s because so many traditional publishers won’t look at your work except through agency representation. I’m so thankful that Jim Hart of Hartline Literary Agency believed enough in my middle grade action adventure novels that he took me on in October 2013.